Be better tomorrow.

Getaday is a formula that helps relieve hangover and next morning’s malaise.

Take it during your night of celebration or before going to bed, to avoid digestive discomfort, alleviate excesses and recover your energy and next day’s well-being.

Because tomorrow will be another day
and you will be a better person.

The science behind Getaday

Contrary to popular belief, dehydration is not the main cause of hangovers, but the generation of a toxin when you consume alcohol.

The liver metabolizes alcohol using two enzymes (ADH and ALDH) and in that process a very harmful toxin is generated (acetaldehyde). When your organism is not able to eliminate this toxin quickly enough your body is exposed to it for a longer period, thus increasing the hangover.

Amino acids and antioxidants favor the elimination of this toxin and next day’s recovery. And vitamins help eliminate fatigue and improve your well-being and performance. This remedy has been used very effectively for many years in Asian countries, since they usually have more problems to metabolize alcohol

Getaday’s exclusive formula incorporates more than 15 components that help you feel better the day after.

The patented formula to fight hangover

Amino acids (acetylcysteine), Vitamins (B12, C) and ayurvedic herbs to faster eliminate the toxins that cause hangovers.

MIRICA (BARK): Reduces the inflammation of the stomach and digestive system.salto PICRORHIZA KURROA (ROOT): Known as Kutki or Katuka, it is the ayurvedic liver protector.salto PRICKLY PEAR (OPUNTIA FICUSINDICA): Decreases the inflammatory response to stressful stimuli.salto MILK THISTLE: Its main active component, silymarin, protects the liver and stimulates its cell regeneration.salto ARTICHOKE: The artichoke is one of the most important protectors of the liver and gallbladder, and it also has a diuretic effect.
N-ACETYL-CYSTEIN: A potent amino acid that helps the liver process alcohol toxins. Precursor of glutathione.salto CHOLINE BITARTRATE: Fosters bile that reduces blood alcohol.salto SCHISANDRA CHINENSIS: Repairs body balance and has a protective effect on the liver. Reactivates the production of glutathione in the liver cells.salto REDUCED GLUTATHIONE: Powerful antioxidant that improves liver function. It is the prime natural endogenous antioxidant.
VITAMINS B1, B6, B12 AND C: Vitamin B complex to help metabolism and maintain energy. It improves the natural body protection to feel better the next day. Vitamin C is important to block the conversion of alcohol into acetyldehyde and reduces fatigue.salto NETTLE: Improves the functioning of the entire organism.saltoTAURINE: Amino acid with antioxidant properties, with an energising effect for the next day.

How to take it

You can prevent the hangover by taking a bottle of Getaday (100ml) before starting your night out or at any time during it, but always before going to bed.

Start your celebration

Take your Getaday
during the night

Have fun,
get some rest …

… and enjoy your
hangover-free day!


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Available in pharmacies

If you want to make sure you have Getaday at home for any “emergency”, you can find it in single-serve format in pharmacies.

If your pharmacist still hasn’t heard about us, ask him for Getaday and he may request it directly from his usual distributor. Check what Correo Farmacéutico has to say about our solution to prevent hangovers.

Pharmacies can place their orders with Getaday through  Corefar or contacting us at

Include Getaday
in your event, company
dinner or wedding

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  • Perfect complement for a day or night party
  • Touch of originality and novelty
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Buy Getaday for yourself or take it to your next party or dinner.
Treat your friends to an unforgettable night and a hangover-free morning!

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1 year shelf life.