Getaday at your event:
Hangover kit for weddings

Surprise your guests with a hangover-free morning.

Say goodbye to hangovers!!

Getaday is the patented formula that helps your body metabolize alcohol more efficiently. It has more than 15 active ingredients, including amino acids, liver protectors, vitamin B12, that fight the main causes of hangover, nausea and discomfort the morning after. It’s very easy to take and has amazing results.

Discover the perfect complement for any party. You can use it as  a hangover kit for weddings, take it to your company dinner, bachelor parties, graduation parties, New Year’s Eve, hometown festivities or any event … it always comes out as surprising and original.

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Offer your guests hangover remedies

How to avoid hangover is a basic doubt in every party destined to be unforgettable. In addition to taking care of all the details of your event, you need to make sure that the memory of your special day is not marred by the next day’s discomfort. Offer a gift kit that helps your guests relieve their hangover, just by drinking Getaday.

You can buy it for yourself, include it on your guest’s tables, give it away as a hangover kit at your wedding, offer it in a champagne cooler with the rest of the drinks … find your own way to avoid the after party hangover!

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